We are R&D Design House providing engineering design service for Embedded systems,Industrial Test&Measurement and Machine Vision solutions.

• Products: Embedded Systems Hardware Development Kit. (Microcontroller, CPU,Smart Camera and FPGA)

• Service&Solutions: Research & Development (R&D) Engineering Service (ODM,OEM) for Embedded Systems,Test&Measurement and Machine Vision solutions.

• Training: Education service, Professional Training for Embedded Systems,Test& Measurement using LabVIEW (Grahphical Systems Design)

•Research & Development (R&D) Service
•Engineering Service and Manufacturing
•Product of Embedded Systems (Hardware)
•Professional Training
Smart Camera : EagleEYE Project
Embedded vision, indsutrial machine vision, computer vision, vision/image processing
Machine learning,AI Vision, drones, robots, ADAS, and AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles). 
FPGA Development : Project
FPGA Development Kit : WiFi (OTA: Over the Air Programming) for Digital Systems Design
Wireless Sensor Network Project
IoT Application, WiFi, BT,LoRa,NB-IoT, etc... 
Training Service : Embedded Sysetems
Hardware Design,Firmware/Software design,Application software design
Machine Vision Training
FPGA Design Training
Engineering Service: R&D Design
Product Design,PCB design, OEM/ODM Service
Embedded Vision Inventor kit : Computer (CV) Development Kit
LabVIEW Programing for Embedded Systems @King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang kmitl.ac.th
Embedded Systems development course for "Department for Skill Development" dsd.go.th/
Machine Vision development using Raspberry Pi @"Department for Skill Development" dsd.go.th/
Technology Training Course since 2016
LabVIEW Training for Computer Vision application at  – RMUTP rmutp.ac.th
Embedded Systems Training at @GISTDA gistda.or.th
AI Smart Camera Product Design
Edge-AI Smart Gateway Product Design


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Q-Wave Systems Co.,Ltd

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Bangkok Thailand


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Registered address: Q-Wave Systems Co.,Ltd
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Amornthep Phunsin
+66 81 429 9048
LINE@ "@qwavesys"
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Q-Wave Systems Co.,Ltd
65/2 Moo1 Beung Sriracha Chonburi 20230 Thailand
TAX ID: 0205558003381